The annual rent for the whole island is paid each year directly to the Queen of England and is a bag of salt! Sailing the British Virgin Islands is a vacation of a lifetime. Cooper Island is surrounded by coral reefs and is a great snorkeling spot. ... DAY 7. We made stops at the popular Baths of Virgin Gorda and Sandy Cay off Jost van Dyke and snorkeled at many nice places such as Sandy Spit, Anagada, The Caves at Norman Island and The Indians. Next, Salt Island - home to the wreck of the RMS Rhone. Good if you get a late start. Day 7 – Peter Island. Short sail. You've Never Had A Vacation Quite Like This. The British Virgin Islands so aptly referred as - “One of Nature’s Little Secrets” still remain the best charter sailing grounds in the world. With steady trade winds all year round and a warm tropical climate, the Bahamas are an ideal sailing destination. Here we will suggest a seven-day cruise itinerary for the British Virgin Islands, a ten-day itinerary, and a two-week cruise itinerary. With an Island or cay (pronounced key) for every day of the year, you are sure to find your little piece of paradise. In fact, I wrote an article on how NOT … There are conflicting theories as to how these incredible rock formations came to be. Bob. Then take an afternoon sail west to either Cane Garden Bay on Tortola's lush north shore, or to the islands of Jost Van Dyke and Little Jost Van Dyke. The Baths at the southern tip of Virgin Gorda. Roadtown. Things to do: Rent a scooter; Take a taxi tour; Day 7 is the beach kinda day of your BVI sailing route. Breakfasts and lunches are prepared by yourself, and most dinners are taken ashore at local restaurants. It is advised to get a taxi to these islands. The caves of Norman Island and Treasure Point tantalize snorkelers. Our BVI Sailing Itinerary continued from page 1. Using this site requires JavaScript. Itinerary Expand All. Then go back to the anchorage for smoothies and a lobster dinner at the Anegada Reef Hotel or Neptune's Treasure. This state-of-the-art facility is located in the scenic port of Charlotte Amalie. Sail from either North Sound or Anegada to Trellis Bay on Beef Island - a well protected … The British Virgin Islands are a perfect charter destination for a luxury Caribbean yachting experience. This tiny sandy cay off Green Cay makes one think what mutineers on deserted islands must have experienced, but with a cold drink in your hand, it makes for a better place to walk with your friends and family and enjoy the sun and sand for one last day. Day 5: North Sound to Marina Cay. When darkness falls, Willie T's - a moored ship turned rousing watering hole - draws a jolly mix of locals and adventurers from all over the world. Follow our detailed itinerary to ensure that you don't miss a thing. This route is perfect for a short family adventure or group charter to explore the area. In A Perfect World Charters offers the discerning traveler a unique and exciting sailing adventure, for 8 days and 7 nights, aboard one of our luxurious catamaran yachts. Yacht Charter ... Road Town Harbour, the capital of the British Virgin Islands is the best place to begin a charter to the surrounding islands from Tortola. This is a great place to anchor for … The Baths is a must: a huge area of round and polished rocks planted in white sand, caves and natural pools creating an unreal and magnificent landscape. As previously mentioned, Anegada is home to the most fabulous beaches you ever did see. Sail from either North Sound or Anegada to Trellis Bay on Beef Island - a well protected natural harbour and home of the famous restaurant and cabaret 'The Last Resort'. Spanish Town – Anegada 31,11 km (19,33 mi), Day 4. Day 7: Anegada Beach Day. Hope Town has the … As the sun rises get set to sail west, downwind, towards Jost Van Dyke. Take in the beauty of the uninhabited Island and swim in wonderland. Day 7 : A downwind sail from Lighthouse to the barrier reef. ... Itineraries may change based on the date chosen. Valid for 7 day sailing vacation in British Virgin Islands Promotion is valid for October, November and up until Dec 15. The highest point is 15 feet above sea level and it's famous for fresh lobster, iguanas and flamingoes. SAMPLE ITINERARY FOR THE BVI: DAY 1. Day 1: Road Town, Tortola to the Bight, Norman Island. Also there is a new restaurant on Scrub Island called Donovans Reef, access can be by dinghy from Marina Cay. Anegada – Scrub Island 32,34 km (20,10 mi), Day 5. Sail to the Baths, one of the most unique natural formations in the BVI. Good food at … From Peter Island, we suggest sailing to Dead Chest Island where according to folk lore, Captain Blackbeard left 15 of his men to perish. This is just a sample of what your yacht charter adventure in the … ... Breakfast and short sailing to a mythical place in the BVI: The Baths, in the very south of Virgin Gorda. It’s good to have an outline of places you would like to go and things you would like to see. On this island you will find Honeymoon beach, listed as one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in the world. Best BVI Sailing Itinerary – 7 Day Sailing Trip! Scrub Island – Jost Van Dyke 25,61 km (15,91 mi), Day 6. Flying from Tampa, Florida and celebrating two 40th birthdays, we decided to upgrade our travel experience by reserving a private flight through Fly BVI. Please click here for detailed information. Get your provisions, and then head out! Rainfall varies, but in general September to November are the wettest months. Find itinerary here. Norman Island. From Norman Island it is easy to sail the short distance to Peter Island. This climate is moderated by easterly trade winds. Set sail from Jelsa and to wide-known Hvar town, overnighting in busy Palmižana marina, or pick up a buoy in the southern Vinogradišće bay, soaking in the numerous beach clubs, for a different taste of island life. Then sail west to Soper's Hole Wharf, the home of Pusser's Landing, said to be built on the spot where Blackbeard the pirate once lived. Get Ready for an unforgettable Yacht Holiday in the BVI - an archipelago of over sixty islands wants to be discovered! Our team has spent many years sailing, snorkeling and diving in the BVI - they will tell you everything you need to know. British Virgin Islands BVI: 7 day sailing itinerary from Tortola, British Virgin Islands BVI: 8 day Cruising Program from Tortola, British Virgin Islands BVI: 7 day Cruising Program from Tortola. ... On our BVI sailing trip the G Adventures Skipper/CEO will help you make a food kitty, where $80USD per person, per week will be added to the kitty for small food items on board to cover breakfasts, lunches and the odd dinner. BVI 7 Day Itinerary – Anegada Day 4 Bitter End Yacht Club or Leverick Bay → Anegada (15.2 NM) Known as the Sunken Island, the island has a very low profile and is surrounded by coral heads. Belize Inner Barrier Reef & Cayes Itinerary. A 1,400-acre island lined by green valleys, Mustique is surrounded by coral, sandy beaches, and coves. Th… Sample Itinerary for BVI including Anadaga. The free sailing day is your chance to explore and see any sights you were longing to visit that aren’t on the flotilla itinerary. Whether it is deep sea diving, snorkeling, or on-land sight seeing that interest you most, we will build a British Virgin Islands sailing itinerary that best suits your interest and desires. Snorkel the caves and then motor a short distance around the corner into the Bight which, provides a perfect anchorage for your first night. Parham Town – Spanish Town (Virgine Gorda Island) 14,02 km (8,71 mi), Day 3. Day 1. Cooper Island. Relax on the sands before returning to Road Town. Scuba trips go to the wreck from Salt Island and it is possible to dive amongst the ruins. This trip from Tortola will take you on an island adventure into the heart of the Caribbean. 3 hr. Be sure to anchor safely by nightfall as navigation is done by sight, and make yourself aware of unsafe or sensitive sea areas unsuitable for anchorage. Come experience a feeling, come experience the BVI. Road Town – Parham Town 9,38 km (5,83 mi), Day 2. Whether it's the pod of dolphins racing your bow in the dusky sunset, or the waltz of the water beneath a dazzling starscape, time in the BVI will mark your memory and change the way you think about where you want to go in the world. Alternatively, go ashore and visit the settlement and the salt pond from which the island takes its name. Please click here for detailed information. Day 1 : Depart The Placencia Marina on a reach to Rendezvous Island. Between June and November, it’s hurricane season in the Caribbean, so sailors should pay particular attention to local weather reports. YACHT VACATIONS & SAILING HOLIDAYS - TOP YACHTING AND SAILING ITINERARIES, Sailing Itinerary BVI – 7 days Route in the British Virgin Islands (Tortola), 7 days Sailing Itinerary British Virigin Islands (BVI) - 1 week Route Suggestion Tortola, This trip from Tortola will take you on an island adventure into the heart of the, Sailing Conditions and Weather in the BVI, #1 de Yachts de Luxe & Location de Bateaux. 25% Deposit required by May 30th, 2019 to reserve your complimentary skipper for 7 days aboard above L450''s. Take a taxi ride to Loblolly Bay on the north side and snorkel inside the reef. Collect the boat, supplies, and bottles of rum to fill your tum from the town. Spectacular Scenery - Perfect Sailing Conditions - Fantastic Opportunities for Exploration - Sailing around Tortola! Here you can pick up the National Parks moorings and either dive or snorkel the wreck of the Royal Mail Steamship Rhone, a relic of the hurricane of 1867 and famous for its part in the movie 'The Deep'. BVI Dream Premium 8 Days / 7 Nights. Anchor at the Bight and then explore the famous treasure caves. Anegada means 'drowned island' and when you see it you'll realize why! Day 2: Norman Island to Cooper Island. Finally, if exploration has tired you out, relax on the sands of Brandy Wine Bay before rejoining the land lubbers back at Road Town. Tortola - Norman Island - Peter Island - Dead Chest Island - Salt Island - Cooper Island - Ginger Island - Tortola. BVI Sailing Itinerary Day 3 and 4. Continue on course … The city of La Paz is itself a destination with varied attractions including museums, a performing arts theater, historic sites, numerous shops, and a delightful selection of small, intimate cafes and restaurants. Anchor off Sandy Spit Green Cay and enjoy a swim in to shore. Our first catamaran charter with our 3 kids was not near as successful as this one, because I was naive and uninformed. … Better yet, one of the nicest things about sailing in the British … From Norman Island it is easy to sail the short distance to Peter Island. We only had 6 people on a 9-passenger plane, so this could actually beat some of the published fares out there if you … Trellis Bay. Charter Day 3 - The Baths of Virgin Gorda One of the most awesome sights to behold when bareboating are The Baths at the southern tip of Virgin Gorda. > See the Best of the British Virgin Islands: One Great Sailing Itinerary. In the afternoon, sail north and east to the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, surrounded with safe anchorages, snorkeling, beach bars and restaurants. Cooper Island, located a short 6 nautical miles from The Moorings base at Road Town, is a beautiful island with a protected anchorage at Manchioneel Bay, and plenty of activities to offer. Day 2: Hope Town, Elbow Cay . Enjoy a private land tour, where the exclusive homes of the rich and famous command the landscape and are realized in a variety of architectural styles. Day 7 Breakfast aboard, followed by a 45 min downwind sail to Sandy Spit. On solid ground the monolithic stones of The Baths stand like nature's Stonehenge by the sea. Day 3: Cooper Island to Leverick Bay, North Sound, Virgin Gorda. Consisting of thousands of smooth boulders, some as big as a house, strewn along the beach on the southern tip of Virgin Gorda. Sailing time. Rhone. Posted on by Capt. Then, head over to Benures Bay of Norman Island. Day 1. On nearby Cooper Island you can anchor at Manchioneel Bay. After setting sail, make your first stop at legendary Norman Island, a former pirate den and the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The Exumas chain of islands that run for 90 miles south of Nassau is perfect for a downtempo getaway. Anchor just inside the reef at Tobacco Cay. Flexibility and options are keys to having a wonderful time in the BVI, and many options will present themselves. Either relax and spend the day in North Sound or sail the 15 miles north to Anegada. Day 1: Marina Cay Marina Cay is a small island of only eight acres, fenced by powdery white beaches. You can walk around the whole island in five minutes, but snorkeling around is more fun. Each unique and picturesque … Nearby Ginger Island is an uninhabited island with more out of this world snorkeling opportunities, the best being called ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on South Bay. Our first catamaran charter with our 3 kids was not near as successful as this one,… Both locations have good anchorages, beautiful beaches, hiking, beach bars and unique restaurants for your share of the evening's entertainment. It's a great spot to picnic. Sailing Itinerary Bahamas – 7 days Route for Abaco Island. From here, sail to the Indians, for some of the finest snorkeling throughout the entire BVI. On this island … With volcanic peaks playing home to national parks, stunning coral reefs, and a year-round tropical climate, there’s never a bad time to visit. Enjoy the sunrise over the hills of Peter Island, take an early morning swim or snorkel and then weigh anchor for a short sail across the channel to the docks. You can explore the many gaps that open into massive rocky grottos filled with sea water. 8 Days BVI Bareboat Itinerary – The Best Route & Activities! After lunch sail to Cooper Island where you can pick up a mooring in front of the beach club bar and restaurant - there's a dive shop here also. As a travel writer, I not only want to share our family’s travel experiences but also provide useful information such as a sample 7 day BVI catamaran charter itinerary. But first, if you have time, take that last swim or go snorkeling. Day 1: Arrive in St. Thomas and take a five-minute cab ride to Crown Bay Marina. Some say The Baths resulted from a … Today we sail to a large island known for its great beaches, Peter Island. The BVI enjoy a tropical climate year-round, with low humidity and average highs ranging from 26º in January to 31º in July and August. Do not, however, be fooled by its size, as Marina Cay promises a big and adventurous start to your vacation. From Marsh Harbour you can sail to Hope Town on Elbow Cay. Peter Island. … Eat, drink and be merry aboard the floating bar/restaurant 'The William Thornton'. … The sheltered Sir Francis Drake Channel has calm seas and is a good area for beginners. Those are only a few highlights while you are visiting BVI. ENQUIRE NOW FOR YOUR BVI SAILING ITINERARY: Spanish Town to Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda. Be aware that the area is a national park so it is not possible to anchor here. Ashore there are restaurants and provisions. When sailing back to the charter base, have someone … If watching the sun set behind the ocean isn’t your thing, enjoy a hearty meal in Dead Man’s Beach Bar and Grill like the blood thirsty pirate you are! $1,356 TO $1,770. Day 6: Marina Cay to Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke. Road Town Harbour, the capital of the British Virgin Islands is the best place to begin a charter to the surrounding islands from Tortola. Divers explore the famous wreck of the H.M.S. This is the perfect route for a family adventure or a first bareboat charter. We booked a scheduled flight to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico and they coordinated the rest for us. On your first day, you’ll be in Tortola and arrive at the yacht charter base. Day 4: Trellis Bay. Your itinerary will be further customized according to your interests. Nearby is Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, with a full service marina, shops and restaurants. Lots of snorkeling. Top up that tan you bronzed god/goddess. The British Virgin Islands are known for great sailing experiences and, as such, they have an abundance of charters, sailing boats, and motorboats for rent. Depart St. Vincent for Mustique, the playground of the elite. Each itinerary should be viewed as suggestions. BVI Itinerary including Anegada. If you prefer a more tranquil spot then try Marina Cay across the channel to the north, off Great Camanoe, which features a Pussers that is good for happy hour and casual dining. Jan 5, 2016 - 7 days, 1 catamaran and 3 kids on a BVI Charter : Itinerary & Trip Review As a travel writer, I not only want to share our family's travel experiences but also provide useful information such as a sample 7 day BVI catamaran charter itinerary. BVI 7 Day Itinerary Day 2 Cooper Island/Peter Island → Marina Cay/Trellis Bay (3.2 NM) This could be one of your busiest days with so many great sights to see. Day 1st Norman Island Day 2nd Cooper Island Day 3rd Baths, Bitter End and Virgin Gorda Day 4th Beef Island Day 5th Sandy Spit, Great Harbour and Jost Van Dike Day 6th Peter Island Day 7th Road Town, Tortola. Great place to snorkel and anchor for the first night. Twenty-five islands scatter like lush green stardust across the turquoise sea. ... Tortola Yacht Charter - 7 Day Itinerary . With 44 different islands to explore, wonder abounds around every corner. Collect the boat, supplies, and bottles of rum to fill your tum from the town. 7 days, 1 catamaran and 3 kids on a BVI Charter : Itinerary & Trip Review. | … A short beat up the Sir Francis Drake Channel takes you to Salt Island. However, we do advise you to remain flexible and allow for the unforeseen. Antigua Sailing Itinerary | Where to go in 7 days | Sunsail You decide what activities you would like to do. Day 4: The North Sound. The day's sailing 9 Nautical miles. This is a sample itinerary for an 7 day sailing trip Starting out of Beef Island and circling Tortola. SAILING YACHTS BVI | CATAMARAN YACHTS BVI | MOTOR YACHTS BVI | Bareboats and Crewed Yacht Charters BVI. Before you leave the docks you will receive an informative chart briefing. Below you will find an itinerary which is intended as a guide to help you plan your trip around the British Virgin Islands. 7 Night Itinerary. Here we present a sample 7-day itinerary in the U.S. Virgin Islands. These islands offer indescribable beauty from mountaintops to calm, turquoise waters, and pristine, white sandy beaches spanning over 50 islets. This will give you good light to navigate through the coral heads at the entrance to the anchorage. Days 2-6: British Virgin Islands. Cast off from our dock in at either Road Harbour or Hodges Creek and set sail on a beam reach for Norman Island, home of the caves and the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's famous novel 'Treasure Island'. Beautiful sandy beaches (the BVI has some of the best beach bars in the world), caves, ruins and impressive rock formations, well equipped marinas, diving and snorkeling lessons available. Our round-trip price was comparable to booking a scheduled fare and came to $943.30 per-person (which included our Jet Blue flights). Day 8: Our final morning will be a sail back to The Placencia Marina. Weigh anchor and take a short cruise up to beautiful Guana Island for spectacular snorkeling and a superb beach at Monkey Point. For your last night, sail across the channel to Little or Great Harbour, Peter Island. You are either using a browser that does not support JavaScript or has JavaScript disabled. ... One Great 6-day Itinerary. Day 1. This glamorous retreat frequented by royalty and rock stars alike, is one of the most exclusive islands in the world. Sadly, your sailing vacation in the incomparable British Virgin Islands is coming to an end and its almost time to head back to the charter base by 10:00 a.m. or earlier. Seven days have flown by and you now understand why there is no way to see and do it all in just one week or even 10 days. The Sea of Cortez spans more than 700 miles, but the typical Baja sailing itinerary concentrates on a much smaller area, starting from La Paz 137 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. Sailing to Anegada: 7 days BVI sailing vacation. You will have to leave North Sound early in order to arrive at Anegada during the middle of the day. If you’re looking to spend an inland holiday, keep in mind that car rental services are mostly located on larger islands Tortola and Virgin Gorda , with an exception of a scooter rental on Jost Van Dyke .
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