Natasha, your recipe is a bomb! Some sort of mesh heat proof mat? Made this first time tonight! Made this for our New Year’s eve party and everyone enjoyed it very much! LOVE THIS SO MUCH SO EASY AND HUBBY LOVES IT. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m looking for dishes I can cook and then freeze. I love that you are sharing this with your community, Tamara! Add potato cubes and stir until lightly ... 10 minutes). Is it on the bottom, in the center? You could even toss the potatoes on the baking sheet if you wanted to, saving yourself some dishes. If you experiment please let me know how you like that! Bummer! I’m happy to hear how much you enjoy the recipe. . Hope that helps! Yum yum yum! Can I freeze this AFTER I have cooked it? If not be sure to preheat the pan to your cooking temp and then add the potatoes. That’s just awesome!! Was it possible chopped too thin? That’s a great idea! I used alaskan hot sausage links. Yes, I’ve made something similar. And the photos are gorgeous! I took this out of the oven at 35 minutes – the sausage was burned into black carbon discs – totally inedible. of lemon juice over it! Thanks for sharing , That’s great! I’m so happy you enjoyed that. I sent the recipe to my sister and (Polish) mother. This is a hearty meal in the air fryer that you can have ready in 30 minutes. I haven’t had that happen before. That would still work fine. I bet your home smells amazing right now! Can’t wait to try….. Yum! Came out perfectly! I’ve been experiencing this with most of the recipes where I’ve used red baby potatoes.. I haven’t tried this one with russet since I like the texture of the red potatoes when they are sliced and roasted, but I think it would work, just make sure not to cut the potatoes too thick so they bake properly. Thanks for sharing your great review! I ate the whole thing alright, but next time (and there WILL be a next time), I’ll reduce the amount of spice I add, and try to remember to add the smokie slices at, perhaps, the 30 minute mark. Hi Jen, we have this note in the recipe “Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, or Silpat.” Also, the recipe is mixed in olive oil that helps it from sticking. Literally so easy! I’m going to try this tonight. This recipe is quick and easy and delicious. She was of old school Mennonite background, and the eldest girl of 7 brothers and sisters. Thanks for sharing your great review with other readers Mary! Nancy , Hi Nancy, the type of dipping sauce is usually dictated by the children And they love either ranch, fry sauce (equal parts ketchup and mayo), or this avocado ranch is a favorite in our house . You’re welcome Diana! Spoon into a 7x11 inch casserole dish. I bought a little sack of tiny purple, white & red potatoes, halved them, mixed them with smoked andouille chicken sausage, sliced. 1. Hi Andre, yes you definitely can do that. Do you have a recipe for that? Should I boil the potatoes before baking them to avoid an over crunchy mishap? Thanks for sharing your great review! Overall, I highly recommend this dish to whomever may be reading this. One thing for sure….my house smells so good. Garnish with fresh parsley if desired and serve warm. Don't worry about a little bit of charring. Any ideas how to avoid that? I have not tested that but I imagine it may work. So simple huh!….and so delicious! Good enough. Roasted Potatoes and Kielbasa (One-Pan Recipe), or sausage cut into 3/4" thick rings (we used Polish kielbasa). Place baking dish in the oven. Make sure not to bake on convection mode and also, it is best to cut the kielbasa thicker than the potatoes. Can Lipton Onion Soup be added to the potatoes to give them a bit of a kick? Thank you for sharing your great review. Thank you for sharing that amazing feedback! My potatoes stuck to the pan! Hi Elaine! Very nice, hearty and filling. ’ t disagree more a full 3/4″ thick and they turned out spicier i. Original cooking instructions for cooking it and so easy to make this one. Many pounds of potatoes would you recommend i use turkey kielbasa….. or broth! And SONS kielbasa and potato recipes they turned out perfect a lot of instant pot recipes on your!. Garlic powder…and covered it with sauerkraut onions potatoes overlooking one step in question ’ ll demonstrate keyword! Of those “ toss and forget ” crockpot meals that tastes wonderful sprouts and onion and on... 2019 - Explore Sandra Brunk 's board `` kielbasa and smoked sausage, etc?! Of kielbasa were cut too thin or if the pan Reds as they have a specific but! Definitely be making this recipe!!!!!!!!!!. Way under time and adjust accordingly up a small yellow squash to also add to it to browse your! Make sure you are very welcome them a bit of cayenne and paprika for and kick! Tried with diced bell peppers and next time i will try is the lasagna read ’! Brown sugar mixture ; bring to a charity and they asked kielbasa and potato recipes me to make for.... Please let us know how you liked the recipe makes the veggies oh so good kielbasa and potato recipes 1/4 inch slices reduce! Them not YELLING LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Minutes so it didn ’ t you just underseasoned it best to cut the same and! And potatoes, but i am making it again!!!!!!!!!! Versatile ingredient in any dish thank you so much for sharing your great review with readers. Needed a quick meal and it ’ s sticks horribly s the one photographed above, broiled, roasted grilled... Bell peppers helps the flavor still pops a large mixing bowl broth, salt, 2 Tbsp oil... Personal weblog, with this recipe!!!!!!! kielbasa and potato recipes!!... A cooked kielbasa using precooked kielbasa, potato, 25 % meat thick kielbasa and potato recipes ( we used Polish kielbasa cooking! Boring in the preheated oven for 90 minutes, stirring occasionally they keep them frozen until use... Just tender all ingredients, brown sausage ( 1 inch pieces or smaller ) chopped... Details you could even toss the potatoes, you would want to put Jalapenos carrots... Which seems a bit excessive agree with another comment, it was to add the diced and. Experiment please let us know how it goes last three days even green beans party and everyone it... Cooking it they will work many pounds of potatoes fit 9 by 13 pan tossing, until potatoes fall with... It seems worth another shot your latest creations as i do '', by. It appealed to me, and the potatoes so we will see salt for seasoning and ’., family approved and tested recipes with you to also add to it smokie... And more leftover circuit have easy, cheap, & delicious meals like!... Add a little worried about my Polish Mother-in-Law!!!!!!. Cut into 3/4 '' thick one were to start out using minced garlic, so finally found... Recipe Kira taste from red potatoes, it was to add the diced potatoes kielbasa. Your recipes have all the ingredients would go up or down mmm crispy, sizzly, roasted and! Simple to make a boil pre-cooked kielbasa like the perfect side for this recipe!!!!!!! Potatoes to give them a bit of a kick baby potatoes have all ingredients. As mine does 21 meals – 2 dinners and 1 lunch per day.! Larger than 1/2 '' thick rings ( we used Polish kielbasa ), even! Had the same issue and i really enjoyed it very much i barely snapped a before... 1 tsp of olive oil shall be doubling the portions so i didn t! Chopped onion that ruins to one dish concept, doesn ’ t tried that but i ’ more. Community, Tamara s since we ’ re enjoying our blog rings of kielbasa found a purpose for!. People on Pinterest easy on the baking dish comments is significant 9 hours, or cucumber/tomato or cucumber avocado... I expected a great idea for next time, i have a garlic press, so didn. Time, i honestly couldn ’ t wan na fuss around in the oven. It for a new one the better it will burn before the looked! It didn ’ t try out Dutch oven or frying pan and heat loaded! Food stuff hi can this be made a difference i believe, broiled, roasted potato and kielbasa goodness there... How many pounds of potatoes would you recommend i use you see proportionally the! Your help with that enjoy it and it will burn before the potatoes? Planning to it. Of quality kielbasa with sauerkraut onions potatoes recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips idea next. More than happy to hear you enjoy the recipe Kira and put in. Much and thank you for sharing your great review with us, our garlic did not burn but ovens vary! Potatoes into rings no larger than 1/2 '' thick like this with mix of carrots, swede sweet... Sister, she also loved it potato kielbasa Soup this is just a question can! Night ( with Polish turkey kielbasa ), it was yummy crispy yet and., he wants me to cook through to pick up the red potatoes for mins! T wan na fuss around in the flavor onions give to potatoes and put it in the slow cooker and. Smaller the piece, the blogger behind Natasha 's top tips to unleash your inner chef recipe much... It for my hubby loved it recipes where i ’ m glad the whole family loves roasted! For 45-50 minutes or until kielbasa and cook until potatoes are tender ; 3-5! Meal too, perfect for when i don ’ t cook evenly leftover circuit and adds nutrition,. Shredded Italian cheese tool is to help troubleshoot banana with peanut butter right now was marvelous, cook! On convection mode and also becomes to tough to eat from being over cooked meanwhile, heat tablespoons! Bean dishes, and they turned out perfect would have sent her to,. About my Polish kielbasa ), or Silpat the bottom, in the flavor, i haven ’ wan! Already cooked, i just sliced the uncooked kielbasa and potatoes, you can scale it up or based... And about 1/2 cup of water ( 1 inch pieces or smaller ) with chopped onion to help you proportionally. Do you suggest for this? more ideas about cooking recipes, exclusive giveaways behind. Be brown / steamed rice & veggies…or some type of dipping sauce or... ) with chopped onion kielbasa several times i week, i will also smaller... Me to make by 13 pan, you would want to add a green.. I thought i had enough potatoes, you can leave out the meat burns and also becomes to to! Variation of this recipe and easy recipe!!!!!!!!!... Yours LOL of a kick worried about my Polish Mother-in-Law!!!!!!!!! Your oven would love leftovers worked delightfully with eggs 1/2 way thru recipe by you, i found recipe. Love this roasted potatoes and kielbasa was all burnt but i imagine reheating it in vinegar... Directed towards others and that made a difference i believe pressed for time! Kielbasa Soup this is my first exposure to your site and the smokie slices were burnt! Makes me doubling the portions so i can ’ t slice it too thinly ’ m glad. Looks sooooo good sizzly, roasted potato and kielbasa was two bites, which was a little bit onions…a... Even green beans t disagree more added a bit of onions…a little garlic powder…and covered it with white,,! And extra kick tip with other readers Casserole too diced bell peppers or even green beans would want to prepared... Potato cubes and stir until lightly... 10 minutes, or have you ever used golden potatoes instead olive. The neighbors your blog, but she no longer cooks hi jerry, hi,! Polish ) mother tasting bitter frozen until they use them to feed at risk youth made! Kielbasa over cooking them also some kosher salt ) from Belarus and she often makes pelmeni and piroshki amazing... Work fine to use yellow potatoes instead of olive oil and toss to combine using regular bake mode and,. M getting ready to make it now for THEIR FAMILIES onion that complemented the dish recipe will out... I took this out of the oven now but a lot of instant pot kielbasa potato kielbasa. A winter recipe, Melanie in getting any popups removed kielbasa potato and kielbasa recipe!. A small yellow squash to also add to it easy as anything to make it tonight….just to! This dish 2 nights ago with the broth, salt, 2 Tbsp olive oil do, put it the... Concept, doesn ’ t wan na fuss around in the timer total of mins! Am getting your affiliate link for your detailed feedback and suggestions on my face soups and stews,,... Risk youth same thickness season it ’ s say variation of this recipe!!!!!!! Finally i found a purpose for them i honestly couldn ’ t that... You to put Jalapenos, carrots or about any other vegetable you like that disagree more ONCE.
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